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Children's Village is a Christian children's home that shares God's love and strengthesns our community by providing healing and hope for neglected and abused boys and girls.

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Children's Village 2017 Board Members

Chairman- Gregg Eppler
Vice Chairman-Matt Pollard
Treasurer-Kevin Cashion
Secretary-Sheila Berry

Ikey Eason
Kay Caserta
John Truitt
Mary Caroline
Selden Anastas
Morgan Cavender
Patty Agnew
Brittany Dickey
Kristen Anderson
Andy Guinn
Judy Hill
Nanette Hutto
J.P. Davis
Cheryl Higgins
Deidre Hull
Jim Lowden
Alex Hammond
Jason Mazingo
Carolyn Rubin
Jamie Sadler
Travis Chick
Ray Cozby
Shannon Smith
Joe Stacey
Barbra Stone

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Upcoming Events


Childrens Village Christmas Cards

Olive Garden Benefit Dinner