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Children's Village is a Christian children's home that shares God's love and strengthesns our community by providing healing and hope for neglected and abused boys and girls.

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What Your Endowment Will Do to Help Future Generations of Children

Endowment funds are growing in popularity as more and more donors discover the remarkable benefits they provide.

John and Mary have been giving to Children’s Village for many years.  In fact, their annual generosity plays an important part in providing the daily care and nurture our boys and girls need and deserve.  They have become true partners with us in our ministry to children.  Consequently, when they are gone, the absence of their giving will be deeply felt.

John and Mary know this and are doing something to make sure their giving to our children never runs out.  They are taking steps, through their will, to create an Endowment Fund.  A portion of their estate will be set aside for a special fund that will generate annual gifts to continue the giving they are doing now.

Endowments are Perpetual

Like an artesian well, endowment funds keep giving and giving and giving.  They allow people like John and Mary to “lock in” their giving.  Buildings may crumble and people will come and go, but endowments last.

Each year, in the future, family members such as children and grandchildren will be reminded of John and Mary’s involvement with Children’s Village and the value of making regular gifts to support worthy causes.  What a wonderful legacy to leave behind!

Endowments Will Enable

Regular cash gifts to Children’s Village certainly help us meet our financial obligations.  But what happens when the donor dies?  Or what if these cash gifts are not so readily available in lean years?  Because of their enduring quality, endowments enable us to plan ahead with confidence.  We can project endowment income and develop plans accordingly.

Endowments are Personal

While it is possible, and sometimes desirable, to create an unnamed, restricted endowment fund, many people what their fund to bear a person’s name.  And they want to tailor the purpose of their endowment to benefit a specific area of interest.  They appreciate the flexibility and the opportunity to personalize their “artesian well.”

To learn more about donating to any endowment fund to provide for future generations, you can call Children's Village at (903) 592-3421 or email us Here.

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