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Children's Village is a Christian children's home that shares God's love and strengthesns our community by providing healing and hope for neglected and abused boys and girls.

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“Every business day, there are people who invest money in what’s called the “futures” market.  They want to invest in a commodity now that will have a higher value in the future.”

At Children’s Village Home for Children we also deal in futures.

Every Day of the year we invest time, attention and love in the lives of boys and girls whose futures are at risk.  We don’t always see the immediate returns, but our experience is that investing in a child’s life pays dividends over the span of generations.

Today, Children’s Village stands at an important point, a crossroad in its history.  Behind us is over 30years of caring… a tradition established by generous East Texans concerned about abused and homeless children in northeast Texas.  They desired to give these children a second chance at childhood in a loving foster home devoted to excellence.  This program has been proven to change the course of young lives and provide the hope for the future that every child needs and deserves. Since its opening in 1980, Children’s Village has changed the lives of hundreds of boys and girls.

As East Texas shares in the tremendous population growth of our state, it is also experiencing its share of increased social problems.  Today, more and more abused and homeless children, who feel powerless before the forces in their lives, are in need of foster care.  They come from very painful pasts.  All too often, they believe that their dreams can never be realized or that they should not even have dreams.  They have known what it is to be left behind.

So, what kind of future will we tell them is possible?

Our challenge is to continue investing the time, attention and love that these children have missed.  We seek to help them heal by providing a nurturing environment of daily care, teaching them the skills needed to guarantee a solid foundation for their future.  Our goal is to provide them the opportunity to realize their dreams and become happy, productive adults.

Boys and girls come to Children’s Village with no financial resources or State support.  As our program capacity increases, we are faced with an uncertain future in which growing expenses are outpacing income by a greater amount each year.  For Children’s Village and the children in our care tomorrow will be shaped by what is done today.

Bright futures begin with you.

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